Rock Crystal Elastic Mala Bracelet with Ohm Symbol


Embrace the pure energy of our Rock Crystal Elastic Mala Bracelet, intricately designed with 21 pristine rock crystal beads. Known as a powerful healing stone, rock crystal is celebrated for its energizing properties and ability to promote clear thinking and perception.

Enhancing this bracelet is the sacred Ohm symbol, representing the universe’s essence. It aids in connecting you with your inner wisdom, purifying, and strengthening both your energetic and physical being, including the immune system.

Rooted in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, our mala is not just a meditation aid but also a modern fashion accessory. Its elastic design ensures it fits comfortably, making it perfect for both spiritual practices and daily wear.

*We prioritize your safety and environmental responsibility. Our rock crystal mala bracelet is free from nickel, lead, and cadmium, complying with the stringent European safety standards (REACH). Wear it with peace of mind, knowing it aligns with both your spiritual and ethical values.

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