Sandalwood Elastic Mala Bracelet with Ganesh Charm


Infuse peace into your daily life with our Mala bracelet, featuring 21 aromatic sandalwood beads and a sacred Ganesh charm on an elastic cord. Sandalwood is cherished for its soothing fragrance and cooling properties, considered ideal for meditation and promoting serenity. Use it to count mantras or as a statement piece that brings calmness and a positive mindset.

Malas are traditional tools for prayer and meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism, helping to focus the mind and body. Embrace this ancient practice with our bracelet, which doubles as a stylish accessory.

Our products respect European safety standards, being nickel, lead, and cadmium free in compliance with REACH regulations.

Note: The properties of our mineral stones are based on user experiences and not scientifically proven. They should not replace professional medical advice.

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